Does "OWC11' has a 64 bit version Or how to use it in a 64 bit version progrom.(OWC11 有64bit版本吗,我只能找到32bit的,或者,怎么在64bit的app中使用32bit的OWC11) RRS feed

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  • I want to use OWC11 control in a 64 bit version app. But i failed .when the program build as x86 it run successfull.but build as x64 ,it run failed .Should i use 64 bit version's OWC11 when build as x64.but i can't find 64 bit version's OWC11. Who can take me out of the issue?


    2012年5月11日 2:47


  • 写一个32位的代理进程,或者寻找替代组件。OWC已经过时,不会有64位的版本发布。

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