Request for the permission of type 'System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermission, RRS feed


  • 已经解决:
    搜索到这个链接,需要创建code group然后设置权限。

    The easiest way to modify your security policy is by using the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration utility from the control panel.  You can also run this tool from the command line by running mscorcfg.msc.

    1. Expand the Runtime Security Policy folder
    2. Expand the Machine policy level
    3. Expand the Code Groups folder

    To modify the polcy to trust a specific strong name:

    1. Right click on All_Code, and select New
    2. Create a new code group for your strong name, and hit next
    3. Select a strong name membership condition from the drop down box
    4. Hit the import button, and select your assembly.  The configuration tool will import your public key.  If you want to trust everything you sign with this key, leave the name and version boxes unchecked
    5. Select the FullTrust permission set

    To modify the policy to allow full trust for all Intranet assemblies:

    1. Expand the All_Code code group
    2. Right click the LocalIntranet_Zone code group, and select properties
    3. Switch to the Permission Set tab, and select FullTrust


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