在组员不在的情况下, TFS管理员如何能把组员CHECKOUT状态的项目恢复到服务器上之前的版本, 并去掉CHECKOUT的状态? RRS feed



    已经找到答案, 使用命令行:


    tf undo /workspace:workspacenameof the user;workspaceowner /serverTongue Tiedervername "$/AAA/BBB..." /recursive


    命令行执行完成后没有成功的提示, 只有一句提醒: The workspacce xxx;xxx is not on this computer. Run get (get all if edit were undone) on the computer hosting that workspace to update it with the changes that have been made on the server.


    也就是说已经成功的把该用户CHECK OUT解除, 但是提醒你要在该用户的机器上用GET命令重新从SERVER上面取最新的版本下来.

    2008年6月26日 7:10