Improve speed of deleting and adding Project files


  • Hello, Sir

    I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and created one Microsoft WPF Soluction which have one project.

    Inside that project I created more than 300 files (.cs files).

    Now I'm facing problem with speed by deleting and adding these 300 files.It takes more than 30 minutes per one time.

    Would I improve speed of delete and add of these files.

    Please help me and any suggestion.

    Thanksyou for your kindness.

    Kyaw Zin 


    2012年2月21日 5:08


  • Hi ActySystem,

      I trust I use the steps that is equivalent to your actions. The first step is that I would right-click the project name and select the Add menu item after the menu has been poped up. Consequently,I would combine Ctrl with these cs files. Finally, I use ok to add these batch files.So It seems that you don't have other way to speed up due to its fixed steps.


      Jason Wang

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    2012年2月21日 7:28
  • Why would you be deleting and adding the files back again?  Once you add a file you are unlikely to delete and remove it.  Deleting and adding files is not a fast process.  Depending upon what addons you have installed it can take 10 or more seconds per file.  If you need to bulk add files then drag and drop from Explorer.  If you need to bulk delete then select all the files in Solution Explorer and then delete them.  You shouldn't be doing this very often though.  Also close all document windows first as this greatly speeds things up.

    Michael Taylor - 2/21/2012

    2012年2月21日 16:49
  • I hope you are adding / deleting one file at a time.

    One reason for the problem is Fully Occuped RAM and hard disk usage for further requirement. (check Task Manager > Performance tab > free memory size)

    As hard disk is 1000 times slower than RAM the time will be more but not definitely 30 minutes.

    I guess your HDD is having some problem - you can try defragmenting it and check the disk for errors.

    Another option is use USB stick to use ReadyBoost feature of Windows 7 to speed up.

    Resolving n Evolving in C# (http://jeanpaulva.com)

    2012年2月22日 5:41
  • Hello,I'm sorry for my unnecessary question.

    Actually I used CodeSmith Generator to generate .cs file of my Database.So, It generate a lot of files at once.After generated I check-in these files to my TFS.

    Whenever I make big changes of my Database I need to delete my files and regnerate again that files by using CodeSmith Generator.

    So, It takes more than half an hour. Would you have some other suggestion for me?Please Let me know.

    Thanks for your kindness,

    Kyaw Zin Aung


    2012年2月23日 4:49
  • I can suggest one idea like. (I believe the files deleted and regenerated have same file names)

    You really do not need to delete the files.. Just check out them and regenerate using Code Smith.

    Now the files are modified and you can Checkin them now.  Hope this will reduce some time in TFS and other activities.

    Resolving n Evolving in C# (http://jeanpaulva.com)

    2012年2月23日 5:22
  • Hello , 

    Thanks for your reply, I also do regenerate without delete when it has little changes.

    But If I change table's name or some other big changes , when I only check-out and regenerate , It has some errors inside generated .cs files.

    So, I need to delete that all files and regenerate it again.

    Do you have any suggestion, Please let me know.

    Thanks you.

    Kyaw Zin Aung


    2012年2月23日 5:31