how to add a button like "File->Save&Send->Save to SharePoint->Browse for a location" RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to add a button which is like "File->Save&Send->Save to SharePoint->Browse for a location" with Custom UI Editor(office2010, backstage). The xml sentence I added is:

     <button id="sampleButton" label="Browse for a location" isDefinitive="true" imageMso="BrowseSelector" />

    My questions are: 

    1. what is the type? "button"? it seems this button should be double-clicked. 

    2. what is the imageMso? I cannot find the same one as "File->Save&Send->Save to SharePoint->Browse for a location"?



    Another question is:how to add hyperlink to backstage view. My xml sentence is :

    <hyperlink id="hyperLink" label="Lear more about SharePoint" onAction="LinkAction"/>

    the question is: where can I add the address?

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