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  • I have just started using Word to create some documents that I am publishing
    on the Internet.  The inconsistencies are driving me crazy.  The default
    Save As Web Page in Word is to save it as an .mht document.  Sometimes when
    I save it this way and transfer it to my ISPs web host, IE8 displays it OK,
    but always hangs with xx items remaining.  Sometimes it does not hang.  I
    cannot figue out what the difference is.  This also happens if I save it as
    a .htm file.  Sometimes it hangs and sometimes it does not.

    Does anyone have any experience that will help me?  What am I doing wrong?

    2010年4月21日 1:32


  • Hi,

    In fact there is no much difference between the two format.

    The mht format is used to combine all the resource in one file, such as the image resource and so on.

    And the html format seperate the resource file and the content file.

    So when you publish your page, you need to upload single file with mht format and all files with html format.

    If you have done what I mentined above, I didn't know what the problem was.

    Maybe you can update the word to word 2007.

    I think the newer verson of word can deal with the issue better.

    Or you don't create the web page with word and do it with something like the dreamweaver or Frontpage which is an compoent of Microsoft Office.

    Microsoft Online Community Support
    2010年4月22日 3:26