Do we have a better solution for SMS reminder/notification of Exchange 2016 server RRS feed

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  • Software environment:
    Exchange Server 2016(more than 6000 users)
    Customers want to receive mail reminders via SMS, Customer will get a SMS notice when a new mail was delivered.The requirements include following details:
    1\ New mail real-time notification.
    2\ Notification content is mail subject.
    3\ End users can custom the notification time.
    4\ This feature shouldn't need more hardware resourse.
    Development status:
    We've done part of the development now, the steps are as follows:
    1\Our software are running in my exchange server. We got all mail account by execute command “Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited”.
    2\Get all unread mail by Administrator account.
    3\Send SMS notifications to users with unread mail.
    Unsolved problems:
    1\There are 6000+ users, it will take a long time to scan all mails. So users will not get a SMS notification in real-time.
    2\We can get the number of unread mails, but we can’t get the mail’s subject.
    3\The software takes more hardware resourse.
    Now, we want to resolve these problems.
    Everyone , do you have a better solution?
    Thank you very much.
    2017年11月6日 3:43