how to Correspond my robot with webcam? RRS feed

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  • I have added my peoplebot which I drawed using 3ds max to the microsoft robotics studio.but I do not know how to Correspond my robot with webcam , as well as sonar infrared and lrf.
    2010年5月14日 7:09


  • The availability of webcam could be vary on the driver you are gonna use and the library you are gonna import. Generally, if you want to interoperate with the webcam, you have to gain the SDK for that model of the webcam, read the SDK documentation, then attempt to write your application by referencing the SDK assemblies; alternatively, Windows provides a uniform way to manuplate with all the PnP devices, you may call WIC (Windows Imaging Component) API to get webcam access.

    Furthermore, there are also some C# libraries design to control the webcam, go to google them and check them out. Microsoft Robotics Studio may support these libraries because it is using C# as its main programming language.

    Mark Zhou
    2010年5月14日 9:38