请问Win7 无法进行filter driver测试应该怎么通过认证? RRS feed

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  • 请问在WIN7 64位和32位系统下filter driver无法测试怎么办?根据以下微软官方给的FAQ,我要测试的feature仅支持WIN 7以上系统,那么这种情况应该如何获得认证?

    Q: No tests are seen for filter drivers on platforms Windows 7 x86 and x64.

    It is by design that the Filter.Driver.Fundamentals feature only applies to Windows 8 filter drivers. You can select the filter driver on a Windows 7 machine and the target will be added to the project, but this particular feature will not apply. Other filter driver features may or may not apply as well, depending on the specifics of the filter target itself. In the case where there are no tests for the filter driver on a downlevel OS, the target information is, however, still included in the project.

    另外,在windows 8.1上想要获得filter driver的认证NDISTEST-LWF logo test这个一定要做吗?

    还有,我要用HLK测试的驱动在win10 64位下可以通过,但是在32位下就检测不到可用测试,这是怎么回事?


    2016年2月12日 13:27


  • 所有HLK/HCK自动生成出来的测试项目都要进行测试。上述filter driver在Win7的测试,可以直接生成带签名的package,然后做提交。

    2016年3月16日 5:02