c++里的睡眠函数是哪个? RRS feed


  • 我看了说明应该是可以的,说明如下

    /// <summary>
      ///     Pauses the current context for a specified amount of time.
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="_Milliseconds">
      ///     The number of milliseconds the current context should be paused for. If the <paramref name="_Milliseconds"/> parameter is set to
      ///     the value <c>0</c>, the current context should yield execution to other runnable contexts before continuing.
      /// </param>
      /// <remarks>
      ///     If this method is called on a Concurrency Runtime scheduler context, the scheduler will find a different context to run on the underlying
      ///     resource. Because the scheduler is cooperative in nature, this context cannot resume exactly after the number of milliseconds specified.
      ///     If the scheduler is busy executing other tasks that do not cooperatively yield to the scheduler, the wait period could be
      ///     indefinite.
      /// </remarks>
      _CRTIMP void __cdecl wait(unsigned int _Milliseconds);


    2012年11月14日 2:41