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  • 1、Silverlight + OpenXML Video  :This is a Silverlight proof of concept application that displays random commercials on a video that are extracted from an Excel spreadsheet.
    2、Free Silverlight Chart Control  :The FreeSilverlightChart Control provides charting solution in a silverlight environment. It uses XAML and C# to display charts on the silverlight platform.
    3、Silverlight +OpenXML Page Turn :This is a Silverlight proof of concept application that takes a simple Word document and displays it in the form of a book. I used Silverlight PageTurn demo as a foundation

    4、Clog: Client Logging :A customizable log provider system that allows you to harness your existing logging system to log client side messages to your server using WCF or asmx Web Services. Includes Silverlight and WPF sample applications.

    5、Silverlight Streaming Library  :Provides easy programmatic access to Silverlight Streaming accounts to upload, delete and browse silverlight applications, files, etc
    6、AgTweener:agTweener is a c# Silverlight library based on the Tweener Actionscript library for Flash/Flex. A preset list of transition functions based on Robert Penner's easing equations is available

    7、DLRScript is a SilverLight 2.0 sample using the DLR. It lets you use DLR-based languages in the Script tag of a normal HTML (or .aspx, or .jsp or .php, etc.) page.
    8、 Webyog公司刚发布了一套非常酷的开源Silverlight图表控件(带有动画支持),允许你轻松地建造好看的图表,他们的模型极大地方便了在现有的HTML或AJAX应用中图表组件的使用。
    9、Silverlight™ Dynamic Languages SDK
    10、Dynamic Geometry
    11、Silverlight Photo Album
    12、Silverlight String-To-PathGeometry Converter
    14、Silverlight P2P library
    15、Bloom is a light weight IoC framework for Silverlight 2 and the .net Framework CLR with optional Logging and Serialization application blocks.
    16、Silverlight Code Camp Starter template is designed to provide a simple solution to quickly raising a Code Camp web site using Silverlight. The initial goal for the template was to decrease complexity and server requirements.
    17 、silverstone :A Lightweight MVC Framework for Silverlight

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