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  • 我们在开发从服务器下载数据的程序,由于网络太快下载过程一下子就结束了,没法分析其过程。



    da jia hao!

    2017年1月24日 4:09


  • 请问你具体是什么应用场景?



    Thread.Sleep(1000); //阻塞一秒


    2017年1月25日 1:23
  • 你好,

    同意Johan Shen 的回答,可以通过WebResponse, 来得到下载的数据。请参考下面的代码。

    public static int DownloadFile(String remoteFilename, String localFilename) { // Function will return the number of bytes processed // to the caller. Initialize to 0 here. int bytesProcessed = 0; // Assign values to these objects here so that they can // be referenced in the finally block Stream remoteStream = null; Stream localStream = null; WebResponse response = null; // Use a try/catch/finally block as both the WebRequest and Stream // classes throw exceptions upon error try { // Create a request for the specified remote file name WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(remoteFilename); if (request != null) { // Send the request to the server and retrieve the // WebResponse object response = request.GetResponse(); if (response != null) { // Once the WebResponse object has been retrieved, // get the stream object associated with the response's data remoteStream = response.GetResponseStream(); // Create the local file localStream = File.Create(localFilename); // Allocate a 1k buffer byte[] buffer = new byte[1024]; int bytesRead; // Simple do/while loop to read from stream until // no bytes are returned do { // Read data (up to 1k) from the stream bytesRead = remoteStream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length); // Write the data to the local file localStream.Write(buffer, 0, bytesRead); // Increment total bytes processed bytesProcessed += bytesRead;

    Thread.Sleep(1000); //阻塞一秒 } while (bytesRead > 0); } } } catch (Exception e) { Console.WriteLine(e.Message); } finally { if (response != null) response.Close(); if (remoteStream != null) remoteStream.Close(); if (localStream != null) localStream.Close(); } // Return total bytes processed to caller. return bytesProcessed; }

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    Cole Wu

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    2017年1月25日 5:41
  • 这种方法我也会,也用过,但是很不好用。我很奇怪vs作为一个老牌开发工具,为何这个基本功能都没有。。。


    da jia hao!

    2017年2月5日 6:55