qpid proton C to send message to Topic and receive from subscription RRS feed

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  • I downloaded sample qpid proton C for Azure from and build the sender08 and receiver08 successfully on Ubuntu 1404 LTS.

    I also created Azure Topic ans Subscription as below:    

    Topic: lighting
    Policy name: lighting_policy

    Subscription: lighting_sub

    When I run this sample, I have errors like this -

    ./bins/08/sender08 lighting_policy RootManageSharedAccessKey RQNti36ZIYIAoaD3PhWw+CPzezmDBIyEPxDGa0p4vW0=

    Sending messages to amqps://
    CALL pn_messenger_set_outgoing_window... RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_set_blocking... RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_start... RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_put... RETURNED 0

    ./bins/08/receiver08 lighting_policy/Subscriptions/lighting_sub RootManageSharedAccessKey RQNti36ZIYIAoaD3PhWw+CPzezmDBIyEPxDGa0p4vW0=

    CALL pn_messenger... RETURNED
    CALL pn_messenger_set_timeout... RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_set_snd_settle_mode...RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_set_rcv_settle_mode...RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_set_incoming_window... RETURNED 0
    CALL pn_messenger_subscribe... RETURNED
    pn_messenger_subscribe returned NULL

    I didn't check the box for "Enable Partitioning" when I create topic.

    Since I didn't change the program, it must be key string and/or topic/subscription name error.

    Does anyone know what is wrong?


    2015年1月16日 3:51


  • Hi,
    I am trying to involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue. There might be some time delay. Appreciate your patience.
    Best Regards,


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    2015年1月18日 11:17
  • Hi dhsia,

    I checked sample below and believe it's for GLOBAL azure, not china azure.

    The functionaility of global azure and china azure are exactly the same, the only difference is the endpoint/domain address. However, this difference usually cause code compatbility issue.

    To get the sample code above working with China azure servicebus, you can fork the code in github and update endpoint/domain according to document below

    Or, you can contact the code author for help.


    • 已编辑 Maud L 2015年1月21日 9:46
    2015年1月21日 9:45