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       I want to transfer a single  server deploy into a NLB deploy with two servers of  sharepoint2013.I use server SP1 as the main Farm server ,the server  SP2 use the sp1's Farm.   I delete the default 80 web site of SP1 ,then create the shared 80 web site into SP1 and SP2's shared disk( It's ok when I didn't install sharepoint2013 on servers ,a single web site on the shared disk is ok with the NLB ,when one of two servers was shutdowned,and the web site's file can be seen by each server )

     After I imported all the websites from  the one single sharepont2013 server ,the NLB deploy environment have following problems:

    1,once, the web.config file was lost  in  the shared disk of SP1 ,so I have to recreate the shared 80 websites as following;

    2,once, the SSS was lost in the main farm of SP1,the data of the 80web site have no report datas,so so I have to recreate the shared 80 websites as following;

    3,now, I try to reconfigure the farm configuration of SP1,it shows error" Sorry,it's a problem ,we cann't find file",I donn't know how to do?

      Now after I recreate the shared 80 websites as following the third time ,it seems normal,but I feel it's unsafty,Is there problem with my following recreating the shared 80 web sites?

        I deleted the shared 80web site,and then recreate the shared 80 web sites in the shared disk,then import the one single server's websites.

    2015年12月13日 4:05