如何给Windows Mobile PPC邮箱中预置一个邮箱账户。 RRS feed


  • <characteristic type="EMAIL2">
      <characteristic type="{GUID}">
        <parm name="SERVICENAME"    value="Example IMAP"/>
        <parm name="SERVICETYPE"    value="IMAP4"/>
        <parm name="INSERVER"        value=""/>
        <parm name="OUTSERVER"      value=""/>
        <parm name="NAME"            value="Your name" />
        <parm name="AUTHNAME"        value="yourmailloginname"/>
        <parm name="AUTHSECRET"      value="password"/>
        <parm name="DOMAIN"          value=""/>
        <parm name="REPLYADDR"      value=""/>
        <parm name="LINGER"          value="15" />
        <parm name="RETRIEVE"        value="2048" />
        <parm name="KEEPMAX"        value="25" />
        <parm name="DWNDAY"          value="3" />
        <parm name="AUTHREQUIRED"    value="1" />
        <parm name="SMTPALTENABLED"  value="1"/>
        <parm name="SMTPALTAUTHNAME" value="yourmailnameauth"/>
        <parm name="SMTPALTPASSWORD" value="smtpauthpassword"/>
        <parm name="SMTPALTDOMAIN"  value="smtpauthdomain"/>

    <!-- "RETRIEVE" value="2048": only 2k of each email will retrieved at the begin, aftherwards automatic download of the email (it's also possibe to set retrieving to: header only) -->
    <!-- "KEEPMAX"  value="25": max of 25 email will be retieved -->
    <!-- "DWNDAY"  value="3": retrieve messages only retrieved on inbox within last 3 days-->

    <!-- Note the "AUTHREQUIRED"  value="1": SMTH authentication is required by server, using the username and password from account for loging-->
    <!-- Note the "AUTHREQUIRED"  value="0": NO SMTH authentication is required by server -->
    <!-- Note the "SMTPALTENABLED" value="1": SMTH authentication is required by server, using  username and password from different account for logging (parameter only nessecary in this case)-->


    <characteristic type="EMAIL2">
      <characteristic type="{GUID}">
        <parm name="SERVICENAME"  value=""/>
        <parm name="SERVICETYPE"  value="POP3"/>
        <parm name="INSERVER"    value=""/>
        <parm name="OUTSERVER"    value=""/>
        <parm name="AUTHREQUIRED" value="1"/>
        <characteristic type="TAGPROPS">
            <parm name="8128000B" value="1"/>
            <parm name="812C000B" value="1"/>
        <parm name="AUTHNAME"  value=""/>
        <parm name="AUTHSECRET" value="password"/>
        <parm name="REPLYADDR"  value=""/>

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