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  • I was wondering if there was a way to stop a computer from going to websites and redirecting them to a website of my choosing. Here is the problem I have a daughter with an addiction and the sites she goes to only feed on that addiction. We have her in counseling and thought she was getting better. Today we found a blog she writes and saw that she was playing the family. I need her to have the computer but i want to make sure she doesnt go to any more of these sites. That is why i need the keyword check. I can block the sites but its the keywords thats eluding me.

    I have five laptops in my house and I need to do this to all five. is there a group policy i can set or another way to securly prevent her from accessing the sites. The family is finacially strapped as it is but I need to prevent this from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated and cherished.  Her computer is Windows xp and the rest in the house are windows 7. I tried at the router but TWC doesnt support parental blocking at the router so it didnt work.

    Thank you in advance 

    Joe Ferrante

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  • Was really hoping someone might know. I am at a loss and in desperate need for the help. Even if its a work around or a program that i can install or something. windows 7 parental controls dont block keyword and i have to block everysite it will take days and i still wont get them all.



    Joe ferrante

    2012年1月12日 20:02