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  • 打开一个网页需要加载安装一个active插件,现已经安装完毕,在ie浏览器中使用一切正常,在webbrowser中打开则无法找到插件,无法使用该网页功能,何故??换了 axWebBrowser1控件也不行,调用.axWebBrowser1.GetOcx() 方法无法获得任何插件信息!求解!
    2015年10月28日 2:41


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    Load Addon in WebBrowser Control with C# 2.0


    I found a solution thanks to the user EvilFactor!

    Here is the quote:

    I had the exact same problem for ages. I resolved it by disabling DEP for the process, as well as building for x86 rather than AnyCPU (as from what I understand, all x64 processes automatically have DEP active.) It appears the Adobe SVG plugin may be doing something that Vista and Windows 7 dislike. Note that this will only work if the DEP setting for your machine isn't set to AlwaysOn. Give this a try and see if it'll work for you:

    Go to Project Properties -> Compile -> Build Events


    Paste the following under post-build:


    call "$(DevEnvDir)..\tools\vsvars32.bat"

    editbin.exe /NXCOMPAT:NO "$(TargetPath)"


    2015年10月28日 3:25