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  • this is not related to OS

    i remember i used to ask this question before , but i can't find it anymore&i don't known how to find it , for this time , i want to say i have found the rootcause, i'd like to share with all of you;

    this is related to WPE (windows preinstall environment) not that hot ,seldom people will use this;

    for athores lan chip has high fail rate issue--TFTP fail,  while the client try to PXE boot from lan, and we ask the vender for help, they send us a patch issued by MS(;EN-US;2673007) to solve this issue:  after adding this patch , the issue really goes;

    and when WPE 4.0 (6.2.9200) phasing in for pilot run, we encounter a strange issue after the client load the boot.wim from WDS server successfully, when the client try to boot from local, it will show 0XC0000428 directly;

     finially we find the rootcause is the patch added to solve TFTP fail issue;

    is there anyone can explain this to me, it will be appricated!

    2013年2月20日 3:51


  • after we find the rootcause is the patch (;EN-US;2673007) which is added to solve TFTP fail while the client try to do the PXE boot;

    we reinstall the WDS server OS , after that we encounter one more frustrate issue, in another two seprated environmets, and think all bullshits have been fixed; but actually, when use the same configuration client to do PXE boot under these two seprated environmets, unluckily, these two still show 0xc0000428, we feel really really confused;

    at last we have no choice but try to copy the "remoteinstall" folder from the successful one to the failed one, and replace all the same documents, it is fixed!

    we would like to known why?

    thank you in advance

    2013年3月2日 1:11