Xamarin Forms: 在APP中设置定位提供商为北斗 RRS feed

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  • 需要明确设置APP的定位提供商为北斗,但是目前从Android原生API接口来看,是写明服务提供者只支持GPS、Network、Passive。有做过类似设置的方法吗?如果没有的话是不是有方法获取定位原始数据自己过滤呢?

    I have a senario that wanna set the detailed provider from GPS to another (not Network or passive)in Xamarin app development, but I haven’t see any API or documents that can support this function. As we all know, there are many providers in terms of GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and GALILEO etc. However, the APIs released in Android, for instance, only support GPS, Network or Passive provider in the LoacationManager.
    Are there any suggestions or solutions that can change the provider to others? If not, are there any methods to get the original data from the location service so that I can filter the data by myself?

    2021年1月9日 7:16