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  • my web application hosted on iis7 of windows7, the content of GridView has been catched by iis7. the following steps will duplicate the scenario.

    1.  bind 10 rows to a GridView.

    2. delete one row, after this step, there are 9 rows left in the database.

    3. but 10 rows displayed on the GridView(actually 9 rows is correct).

    4.if you press F5 to refresh the page, the content of the GridView will refresh.(9 rows will be displayed on the GridView, It's correct finally),  the question is why the page not refresh immediately after post back?

    Another information, it's correct when hosting the web application on VS2008 development environment or hosting the web application on IIS 6 of windows server 2003.

    So, I think it's the IIS7 cached the dynamic content of the GridView.

    Can anybody help me to resolve this?


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  • Hi,

    Did you bind data to the grieview again?

    If not, you have to set datasource for the gridview and bind it again.

    If this is not your situation,you'd better supply some code.

    Microsoft Online Community Support
    2010年5月5日 1:55
  • That's for sure I bind the datasourse again after deleting, the count of the datasourse is 9 rows when I debuging the code.



    2010年5月6日 0:29
  • Hi,

    How did you bind datasource to the gridview? Can you show me some code?

    Microsoft Online Community Support
    2010年5月6日 2:04
  • I have found the problem, It's the bug, the dynamic javascript works fine on IE7, but not on IE8.


    2010年7月31日 0:35