Subject: SQL Server Agent Service (2008) Doesn't Work,But SQL server can run OK with cluster administrator RRS feed

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  • Subject: SQL Server Agent Service (2008) Doesn't Work
    Posted by:  Amber -
    Date: 2011/12/12

    Hi Everyone

    I've installed SQL server 2008 on cluster environment without error, and SQL 2008 Cluster is running OK for 60 days long,

    but last friday  my agent service doesn't work , when I start sql server agent service from
    cluster administrator, this event occured

    1. [sqagtres] StartResourceService: Failed to start SQLSERVERAGENT service.
    CurrentState: 1
    2.[sqagtres] OnlineThread: ResUtilsStartResourceService failed (status 435)
    3.[sqagtres] OnlineThread: Error 435 bringing resource online.

    after 2 minutes these event occure this event occured

    SQLServerAgent could not be started (reason: Unable to connect to server
    '(local)'; SQLServerAgent cannot start).

    however my sql service / AS / IS / RS service, all can start with  cluster administrator,

    But only sql agent service will not start with cluster administrator.

    why does it try to start (local)?

    if u know ansver this quetion , pls help me

    2011年12月12日 8:52