[Emergency]Everybody is good, I am here to meet two questions about the Son site tasks shows RRS feed

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  • The content of the WEB component method query, unfortunately I didn't find this, I think if three Son site task list project, merged into a WEB site in root display the integration of the list.
    Question I extend
    I want to let my son stood task synchronization to OuTLOOK, which I now use is, have had the bigger a classification task bar, if so, I served as a sub-website of tianhong established more than ten, can have ten classification, can be integrated into a classification parts, in OuTLOOK inside a task list on this also convenient me to check.
    There is a problem, how to not in use of sharepoint designer is only in web site inside to the content of the show-task query the distribution of time to submit the object
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  • Hi Cantgis,


    1.请不要用Emergency, 因为一般过一天之后,别人以为你已经解决了,所以别人一般都不会回答你的问题。


    根据你的描述,你的你一个问题想在同一个页面,显示三个列表,来做比较。你可以选择添加Web Part 的方式,将你需要的列表 添加到页面上来。你的第二个问题可以尝试使用Object module来提交对象的。你可以参考以下的连接。



    2012年7月23日 3:07