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    2017年11月27日 2:41


  • 或者说能够在用户按关机按钮的时候能跳个弹窗出来,阻止用户误关机也行。
    2017年11月27日 3:02
  • 你说的是组策略里的“用户配置”-“管理模板”-“任务栏与开始菜单”-“删除阻止访问关机命令”吧?

    对于 Windows 而言,关机与重启是属于一种类型的操作,都是要退出当前 Windows 系统,区别只是是否立即重启而已,因此没有将关机重启分开设置的系统策略。


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    | 我这有个需求,需要在开机按钮的地方把关机选项隐藏起来,但是又不能同时把重启隐藏掉。我知道有个gpedit.msc可以把它们同时隐藏,

    2017年11月27日 12:20
  • 要写个钩子函数调用,阻止关机

    Disable shutdown but allow restart

    the time you recieve WM_CLOSE etc. shutdown may already be in progress. I don't know how to, but I would try to hook or "override" the ExitWindows() / ExitWindowsEx() functions. Maybe this can help:

    2  设定

    3 调用命令行

    - set the User Configuration  Administrative Templates | Start Menu and Taskbar: Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down command  to Enable

    - use GPP Files to push the file psshutdown.exe (PsTools) to %WindowsDir%\System32 folder on computers you want (at Computer configuration level)

    - use GPP Shortcuts to create a shortcut named Restart Computer, containing the command : psshutdown -r -t 0 and push it on either %DesktopDir% or %StartupMenuDir% (at User configuration level)

    It will not take you longer than 5 minutes to implement and it's working great.

     P.S. You can't restrict the access and the execution of the shutdown.exe command to a user and then add it into a script to be used by the same user. It's a nonsense to me.

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    2017年11月28日 1:01