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  • 请问各位老师,按规定,最终提交结果中必须包含 *.log 文件: 1024-TeamX-CalcRun-Final.log 1024-TeamX-CalcRun1-50paths-250steps.log 1024-TeamX-CalcRun2-100paths-250steps.log 1024-TeamX-BackTest1.log 请问这类文件如何生成?我们组不知道怎么得到包含 *.log 的文件? 谢谢!
    2011年10月25日 10:24


  • it would be useful to attach the results produced for each set of parameters...

     Other things you might want to submit are your back-testing results.



    "Your program probably has multiple steps; you should therefore be able to log the results produced in each step, and finally how it produces the results you submit. It's similar to what you might write on a piece of paper for mathematical questions in paper examinations."

    2011年10月25日 10:36