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  • 我是win8 64 pro + vs 2012 pro 32

    在vs2012下新建一个windows store app,设计器可以正常加载,但是所有的常规xaml空间拖动到上面就不显示(只能看到框)

    2013年9月29日 23:14


  • Hi,

    I have setup the environment with VS2012, VS update3 and phone SDK, but cannot repro the problem you reported.

    From your pre-description that you failed to install the VS updates, we think that your VS environment may be messed up by some reason. So we will suggest you repair your VS and then install the VS Update3 from “工具 -> 扩展和更新 -> 产品更新”.

    Please let me know if you still have this problem after that.



    Lingling Tong - XAML Design Tools

    2013年10月10日 20:06