Weird problem: ajaxToolkit:tabpanel end tag automatically created without an start tag and at the end of the file. RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have a really weird problem. I'm modifying an existing application that I have never worked with, the problem is that I can't see most of the forms at design time, they throw exceptions, in this particular case I'm getting the excepcion "Unexpected end of file looking for </asp:Content> tag", but it is there, but the weird part it's not that one, hours later when I got bored of this, I tried removing entire sections of tags in order to find the section with the problem and I could finally see a part of the design (not all), but I realized that this happened with whichever section I removed even if I removed a simple button or even if I cut and paste again in the same place an attribute and worst is that at the end of the file a </ajaxToolkit:tabpanel> tag is automatically added and with no <ajaxToolkit:tabpanel> tag so it appeared underlined showing the tooltip message "This end tag has no start tag", if I remove it, it appers again, sometimes more than one time. In some forms I'm getting the error "Object reference not set an instance of an object", my co-worker has the same version of that code and he is not getting that excepcion (I thought this kind of error did not exist in HTML or what is throwing it?).

    As I said before, this errors are happening in web forms at design time, but at runtime I can perfectly see all the forms.

    Any idea?

    2011年8月11日 15:43


  • Hi,

    I assume that you encounter those problems in Visual Studio. Have you installed any Visual Studio plug-in on your develop machine? You can create a new simple project to narrow down the tag issue. As this is Visual Studio/code issue, it is recommended you get further support at ASP.NET forum. The engineers and community members there can help you in a more efficient way. Thanks for understanding.

    Leo Tang [MSFT]
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    2011年8月15日 2:07