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  • I now have a software developed by C# which is running on a single machine device to do some hardware testing. The upper layer is using .net,which will call lots of C++ dlls.

    When the software goes online, there is one tuff problem. when look at the task manager, the memory usage of the process is going to high,is growing.

    I am not sure whether this is what so called memory leak. 

    so i have some questions:

    1. what does memory leak actuall mean?does it mean take over too much physical memory space?

    2.  what about if i use an xmldoc to load one too much big xml file into memory,this will cause the memory become to big,will cause memory leak?

    3.  what about if i create too many threads and without close them mannually, will these threads eat the memory?

    4. clr has garbage collection mechinisam, does that mean managed code will never cause memory leak?

    finally, how to detect a memory leak issue, what are the common steps?

    2015年4月6日 15:10