WHQL: driver include other vendors's driver RRS feed

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  • our driver's INF will include the other vendor's INF like that:

    include = nokbtmdm.inf

    needs =nokbtmdm.BTHmodem.lowerFilterAddReg

    the nokbtmdm.inf is other vendor's device driver, it include nokbtmdm.inf,, nokbtmdm.sys, and it have pass WHQL,

    our driver need to pass WHQL, I have several questions.

    1. do we need to pass WHQL our driver with the other vendor's driver, though the other vendor's driver have passed WHQL.

    2. when we submissit our driver, do we need to contain the other vendor's driver to our driver's submission.

    3. after our driver pass whql and get the cat file, when we package the driver for software, do we need to package our driver with the other vendor's drivers( inf, cat, sys).



    2010年6月25日 10:42


  • 印象中Include只能包含Windows自带的INF文件。第三方驱动程序应该使用Coinstall来安装,或重写INF文件。

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    2010年6月29日 2:20