求wp8.1 APPX 开启闪光灯手电筒例子 RRS feed


  • 这个在lumia930上能执行,不报错。但是灯就是不亮,什么回事?

    你好 H-huihui,


    部分手机使用上述链接中的代码是可以打开闪光灯的,但是如果要保证对所有设备都支持,必须启动一个视频录制会话, 具体可以查看这个英文贴:

    Alan_Yao 提供了关键代码:

    if (mc.VideoDeviceController.TorchControl.Supported)
                    // But wait, for this to work with Blue camera drivers, we have to Start a recording session
                    // Create video encoding profile as MP4 
                    var videoEncodingProperties = MediaEncodingProfile.CreateMp4(VideoEncodingQuality.Vga);
                    // Start Video Recording
                    var videoStorageFile = await KnownFolders.VideosLibrary.CreateFileAsync("tempVideo.mp4", CreationCollisionOption.GenerateUniqueName);
                    await mc.StartRecordToStorageFileAsync(videoEncodingProperties, videoStorageFile);
                    // Turn on Torch                 
                    mc.VideoDeviceController.TorchControl.Enabled = true;

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