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  • It's a raw demo (with ugly UI), which enable user to use Google search engine in a Silverlight 2 application. Smile

    Only some small changes from my former sample(ScottGu's tutorial Code), this one covers following essensial techniques:

    Essensial Techniques :

    1. LINQ For XML
    2. Common Solution For Cross Domain Network Access In Silverlight 2 (even the remote web server has no XML policy file indicates that clients are allowed to make some cross-domain calls)
    3. User Control In Silverlight 2
    4. Object Data Binding in Silverlight 2

    Those issues have not be clearly illuminated in current tutorials .(include ScottGu ' Blog & Silverlight official site) 

    Hope my demo app could help Silverlight beginners to master these frequent matters in practice!

    If any questions , wish you feel free to contact me at (permanent) or (temporary but checked regular)


    if any problem during download, plz refer to my blog!1D5B291C0E4686F6!938.entry 

    --By SixSix


    2008年3月9日 15:21