WebBrowser在vs自带服务器上和服务器iis上的区别 RRS feed

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  • aspx页面: 为何windows  form 的 webbrowser控件放置在aspx页面  在vs2012自带的 iis8 express 中调试获取其他网站数据正常  但是部署至IIS7.5的时候  获取数据就是失败   目标网页的目标数据是经过目标网页上的js运行后的插入的数据


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    2013年10月24日 6:46


  • HI,

    The WebBrowser class can only be used in threads set to single thread apartment (STA) mode. To use this class, ensure that your Main method is marked with the STAThreadAttribute attribute.

    It is actually invoking ActiveX control {8856f961-340a-11d0-a96b-00c04fd705a2} aka ieframe.dll, make sure the w3wp service account is given to this ActiveX control.
    The best is to go to Component Services -> Configure My Computer -> COM Security -> Add w3wp service account (NT Authority\Network Service) to access COM by default.

    Hope it can help you.

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    2013年10月25日 7:21