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    // Populate the list box using an array as DataSource.
                ArrayList USStates = new ArrayList();
                USStates.Add(new USState("Alabama", "AL"));
                USStates.Add(new USState("Washington", "WA"));
                USStates.Add(new USState("West Virginia", "WV"));
                USStates.Add(new USState("Wisconsin", "WI"));
                USStates.Add(new USState("Wyoming", "WY"));
                ListBox1.DataSource = USStates;

    // Set the long name as the property to be displayed and the short 
                // name as the value to be returned when a row is selected.  Here 
                // these are properties; if we were binding to a database table or 
                // query these could be column names.
                ListBox1.DisplayMember = "LongName";
                ListBox1.ValueMember = "ShortName";

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    2013年6月18日 3:23