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  • 今天我刚接了一个关于用sharepoint3.0 实现工作流的项目, 但是我以前没有用过sharepoin3.0 .


    下面是我要在工作流里面实现的流程, 同时要让可以访问sharepoint首页的人,只要通过点击一些按钮就能实现下列流程!


    Stop Ship Process :


    1)       Anyone in the company can initiate a “Stop Ship” proposal.

    a.       Initiator immediately notifies the responsible Product Manager (or Marketing VP) of the issue.

    b.       Initiator notifies Document Control with the formal request.

    2)       Document Control generates a Stop Ship Field Notice for approvals and distribution. (THIS EFFORT BECOMES A PRIORITY ACTION)

    a.       Hard Copy Notice is filled out with the Stop Ship reason and the proposed action plan.

    b.       Approval signatures are required by a minimum of two supporting Department VP’s.

    c.       A Soft Copy Notice is sent to CEO, CFO, Department VP’s, and key Operations personnel.

    3)       Product Manager coordinates with appropriate VPs to assign supporting resources.

    a.       Stop Ship team established to address the problem on a priority basis.

    4)       Product Manager sends out daily updates to CEO, CFO and Department VP’s (plus other responsible parties, e.g., sales team, operations….), until the issues are resolved.

    5)       Product Manager notifies Document Control of the final resolution to lift the “Stop Ship”.

                a.       Product Manager to obtain signatures from two supporting VP’s & Product Manager

    b.       Document Control to send soft notification to all effected parties of the release.

    c.       Document Control to file Hard Copy Notice



    2008年4月24日 8:54