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  • Here is what I need to happen.  When a user enters http://website into a web browser I need it to go to http://website:5555.  I have tried using host headers in the bindings and creating DNS records for the host headers but that hasn't worked.  I am new to this and not sure what I'm doing wrong.
    2009年12月31日 16:06



  • Hi,

    Have you tried IIS url redirect
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    2010年1月4日 10:41
  • No, I have not.  I will give it a try.
    2010年1月4日 22:35
  • The url redirect didn't seem to work any better.  As I said originally this is new to me so I may be doing something wrong.  Due to the lack of responses I'm starting to think this either isn't possible or very hard to implement.  Most of the documentation I've read seems to be missing information or assumes I already know more than I do.
    2010年1月11日 17:49