How to use the data trunk in WAV file to draw a oscillogram ? RRS feed

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  • I have analysed the structure of Wav file.

    I got the data trunk , but I don't know what the datas presents for. If I want to draw a oscillogram, how should I use the data?

    2014年3月15日 2:50


  • Hi weird93,

    I'm not an expert in sound processing, but I think it's not an easy job if you want to do this in C#. You need to spend some time understanding the sound data format, along with some knowledge of GDI since you want to visualize the sound, maybe you'll also need some knowledge about algrethm to improve the efficiency of the programe.

    For information about the data trunk of the WAV file format, please take a look at this article: WAVE PCM soundfile format

    These two articles tell you how to visualize sound:

    How to implement the FFT algorithm

    Visualizing Sound

    You could also use NAudio to process the sound file or stream, spectrum analyzer is available with this library.

    Hope it will help you.

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    2014年3月17日 6:56