C#/.NET(Xamarin)和Android SDK setup (API Level 23)安装错误 RRS feed

  • 问题

  • Community 2015

    with Update 1

    Setup Comleted

    However,not all features installed correctly.

    Please correct the following problems to ensure full product functionality.

    To learn more,you can review the list of common issues and workarrounds

    or examine the log file.

    Android SDK setup (API Level 23)

    The following packages(s) were not downloaded:build-

    tools-23.0.1 android-23.Please check your internet

    connection and try again.


    The installer has encountered an unexpected error

    installing this package.This may indicate a problem with

    this package.The error code is 2711.

    安装Visual stdio community 2015时出现这2个错误,怎么解决?我已经反复安装和修复多次VS仍然不能解决,谁能帮帮我?非常感谢

    2015年12月20日 16:02


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