What is the advantage of creating SharePoint List Definitions using CAML vs Creating Lists using the Object Model RRS feed

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  • Hi,
    I am creating a site that i need to deploy later on, on many servers.
    I need to create more than 1 list in my site and each list will open by
    default, when clicking on item, an aspx page customized to display data.
    Each list has more than 1 Content Type.

    I am lost between 2 approaches:
    1. Create a list definition using CAML and create my list from it, and
    deploy it as a feature.
    2. Create my List from the "Custom List" using SharePoint Object Model.

    Which method is recommended?
    keeping in mind that i need to be able later on to update my list without
    using the UI, by using the object model.

    2009年3月19日 15:48