Getting COMPUTE Services Registered - STUCK REGISTERING RRS feed

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  • Hello.

    We are trying to get our Enterprise Subscriptions setup and rolling and are having a problem.

    We see in all Subscriptions that COMPUTE Resource is stuck in Registering never REGISTERED.

    We expect to be able to create Virtual Machines from list provided here:

    To start with a default quotas, but do not have any.

    Anyone else seen this problem?


    2018年4月4日 2:54


  • hi lmcdasm2,

    First, I suggest you could check the subscription and make sure the subscription are useful.

    In portal, click the "All services" --> "Subscriptions" --> select your subscription, then click the "usage + quotas" to check the usage. You could also click this link to check the limits.

    Then, You could click the Notification icon and check whether it shows some error message?

    Here is an article about Troubleshoot deployment issues when creating a new Windows VM in Azure, might be it can help you.

    After that, you could refresh the page and refresh the virtual machine container to check whether the VM created. 

    If still not working, I suggest you could click the "Help and support" option (in portal) to contact the support team, and ask them help you check your subscription.

    Best regards,

    2018年4月4日 6:52