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  • Hi, I'd like to introduce my workflow metaprogramming language.

    Metah.W(MW) is a C#-derived metaprogramming language for Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5. It provides an alternative way of composing activities to the WF designer.

    Why Metah.W? If we think WF runtime as an advanced CLR, then Metah.W is an advanced C#.


    Please visit for more information.

    2014年5月31日 13:46


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  • 感觉微软挺“奢侈”的,WF这么有创意这么有前途的技术一下就被废弃了。微软就像猴子,永远在摘苞谷,永远在丢苞谷,永远一副辛劳的样子。
    2015年6月17日 2:18