How Can I Use HASHBYTES Function on Image or Text Columns? RRS feed

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  • I have a table with image-type column and text-type column, such as TestTable(intColumn int, imageColumn image, textColumn text). I want to use HASHBYTES function to detect data change, and then call these sql in my C# code.

    But HASHBYTES could only deal with data type of "varchar", "nvarchar", "varbinary", so my old code is:

    select *,

    Binary_CheckSum(HASHBYTES('MD5', CONVERT(nvarchar(max), intColumn)), HASHBYTES('MD5', CONVERT(nvarchar(max), imageColumn))

    , HASHBYTES('MD5', CONVERT(binary(max), textColumn)))

    from dbo.Test

    In this way, image or text will be truncated to 8000 bytes if their length is over 8000 bytes.

    How can I use HASHBYTES function on image, text or ntext columns?



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