How to call an USB access API in a dll written by C++ code in a UWP project RRS feed

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  • hi,

    I have a dll, written by C++ code. It have a function that have to read from USB device. 

    If I create a UWP project to use this dll, will these USB related function work?

    Currently I have no chance to verify it, because there is another issue about file read/write is not fixed yet, so the USB device cannot use now.

    So I just want to confirm if anyone know, if use a UWP project, to call an API in a dll written by C++ code in a old style, to access USB device. will it work or not? 

    if not work, is there any way to make it work?without changing any code of the dll?


    2016年2月29日 3:34



  • ?????
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    2016年2月29日 7:34
  • hi FAE9D91C-3F07-4090-91EB-E3F70E4D0617 ,

    Thanks for your answer! But if "NO WAY", how win10 make use of so many "old things"? Let them totally re-write?

    If UWP app cannot support the old DLL api, we have to use desktop app, to run on Win10 PAD. Is there any potential issue to run desktop app on PAD? 


    2016年2月29日 7:58