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  •  In Windows8, There is a new HID over I2C protocol use for thochscreen.

     There are some questions about Windows8 hid-over-i2c-protocol?

     1.Whether the I2C device address fix 0xB6(W) and 0xB7(R)? I have learned that SURFACE use that device address,if not,how can we set that I2C device address in windows8 system? Whether the HID DESCRIPTOR address is 0x0000,if not,how can we set that address in windows8 system?

    2.In this protocol,The HID Descriptor has a VendorID,whether is similar with the usb VendorID,what should we fill this two byte,how can we apply VendorID?

    2013年7月26日 4:05


  • Hello ,We just started doing this,Can you tell me something about this?

    How to start HID I2C? My Pi based on win10 iot which starting up without reaction(scl sda).

    I know it generated signal through acpi,But I've never done anything like that,Can you give me some advice?thank you.

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