Server 2003 now Lags when connecting on IE or anything else. RRS feed

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  • I have 3 2003 Servers fully updated, and 1 2008 Server fully updated.  All 4 of the servers were installed at the same time and configured at the same time.  The 2008 Server works OK most of the time but it randomly has the same issue as the 2003 Servers.  The 2003 Server are having serious lag when trying to access the internet using any browser, and the 2 that have FTP and HTTP access are extremely slow to respond.  Since the install on the units I have moved one to a new location with a different provider for the internet, and no luck, it just got worse.  The lag ranges from 10 seconds to 2 minutes on average.  I have tried 8 different DNS servers and no luck on any of them.  When you open IE or put in an address the system will respond quickly to the DNS server most of the time, other times it times out before a response is received.  There are no errors being posted, and for some reason when one of the servers looks on the net it will stall the network for abot 1 second on average.  2 of the servers are just MS server software, and 1 has custom programs on it.  Please NOTE that everything was working fine until about the last 1/3rd of the updates, then I ended up with this issue.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, the Boss, several clients, and I are all getting annoyed.

    2012年4月12日 16:46