Hongkong high defense server, 10M large bandwidth, 100G defense, 24 hours of technical maintenance, free testing RRS feed

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  • Hong Kong TM computer room, full 10G network coverage of China Telecom (CT/CN2), China Unicom and China Mobile, as well as PCCW, Telia, Pacnet, Telstra and so on, first-class global network coverage.

    Provide all kinds of users with quality servers, provide customers with five-star after-sales, free reinstallation of the system, restart, system testing, maintenance and so on!!

    By integrating the Internet resources of Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, we provide real diamond-level Internet services to our customers.

    24 hours of technical support service, free test experience! Domestic + International optimized line bandwidth! 10M has large bandwidth exclusive.

    Our advantages:

    Our multi-wire BGP data center connects all over the world and can handle the most complex and demanding computing requirements.

    The YR computer room in Hong Kong adopts the international mixed BGP line, and the PCCW line is adopted internationally for the domestic direct connection to China Telecom via CN2.

    Hongkong YR room adopts a new mainstream hardware device, providing 99.99% online protection.

    By integrating Internet resources in mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, YR provides customers with a comprehensive solution for real Internet infrastructure access.

    Hongkong Telecom lines are hard to prevent - access to more than 200G telecommunication lines.

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