创建HDInsight 群集之后,在power shell执行配置单元查询报版本错误 RRS feed

  • 问题

  • 执行官方自带例子中的:

    $wordCountJob = $wordCount | Start-AzureHDInsightJob -Cluster vanehadooptest | Wait-AzureHDInsightJob


    警告: WARNING: The Azure Service Management (ASM) cmdlets for HDInsight are deprecated and will be non-default in a
    future release, and they will be removed soon thereafter. Please use Switch-AzureMode AzureResourceManager to use the
    Azure Resource Manager cmdlets for HDInsight.
    Start-AzureHDInsightJob : The cluster version is not supported by this version of the tools. Please upgrade
    your tools to the newer version. The compatibility range for these tools is 1.6 - 3.2.所在位置 行:1 字符: 30
    + $wordCountJob = $wordCount | Start-AzureHDInsightJob -Cluster vanehadooptest | W ...
    +                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Start-AzureHDInsightJob], NotSupportedException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.NotSupportedException,Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.HDInsight.Cmdlet.PSCmdlet

    2016年11月14日 5:36