win8 touch scan time RRS feed

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  • win8中新增的扫描时间具体应该传一个什么值呢, 我现在传一个32位的绝对时间,但用HCK测试经常出现invalid scan time错误,而且测试发现和应用程序中收到的TOUCHINPUT中的dwTime不一样,这两个值应该是一样的吗,还是有一种转换关系?
    2012年5月10日 6:15


  • 最新认证要求更新了这部分的解释,希望对你有帮助。

    One per frame, snapped in association to the frame sample time and not any other time in another stage of the pipeline—for example, taking the time the scan started rather than when the packet is produced or transmitted.

    The time stamp can be taken at the beginning or end of the frame, but the setting should remain consistent. There is no need to synchronize it to any definition of absolute time. Use rollover for the time stamp, so there is no need to reset to zero.

    Timestamp should be 100 μs units/resolution and be provided to the OS in a 16-bit (2 byte) field in the HID report

    At any instance, allowable clock drift +/- 5% across standard operating temperatures (+25°C to + 85°C)

    当前Windows Hardware Requirement没有标准的中文翻译。我来试试我对这段话的理解:



    时间戳应该是100us 单位/分辨率并且在HID报告中以16位(2个字节)的方式提供给操作系统。

    在任何实例中,允许时钟误差+/- 5% [处于标准操作温度 (+25°C to + 85°C) ]

    2012年5月25日 8:14