VB要发中文到GBK网站,怎么编码这样的代码呢 RRS feed

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  •   这是抓包的数据:中文为乱码:

    content    璇曡瘯 fdf1654    21  ‘ 试试 fdf165

    各位大牛们,怎么把发包过去的中文编码成“ 璇曡瘯”这样的呢。如果直接发中文会是乱码,发这样的文字就会显示正常。找了几天的资料了都没有结果,大家帮帮忙啊!!谢谢了!!


    I cattle have, how the contract past the Chinese encoded Xuan Received Cu so. If the Chinese sent directly is garbled, and send this text will be displayed normally. Find information a few days to no avail, we help him! ! Thank you! ! !

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