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  • Chief Technology Officer (JAVA背景出身 英文口语流利 这个职位法国人面试)

    Job description
    ? The CTO is responsible, for the Smart Grid solution, of:
    1. Customer Services
    2. Research & Development
    3. Delivery of the Projects
    ? The CTO shall work to raise JV’s level of technology, developing new productsand services and markets with the goal of making the JV a leading player inSmart Grid field.
    ? The CTO shall define the JV’s research and development plan, oversee theresearch and development projects with the goal of meeting the market needs andtrends.
    ? The CTO shall oversee the overall delivery of products and services deliveredto the clients.
    ? The CTO shall plan and buildup technology departments like R&Ddepartment, Customer Services department and other departments as needed by thebusinesses, and supervise the continuous improvements of their maturity andcompetency.
    ? The CTO shall work with other departments to enhance JV growth. Prerequisites ? Located in Nanjing.

    ? Degree in information systems, computer science, information technology or arelated discipline.
    ? Be familiar with the business environment in Utility context.
    ? Minimum 10 years of previous experience in service delivery management andbusiness management.
    ? Strong management skills and leadership. ? Ability to work in a multi-cultural and international environment.
    ? Ability to work in a high pressure environment.
    ? Strategic and diplomacy.
    ? Extensive experience of customer relationships.
    ? Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
    ? Fluent English.

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