我现在怎么没有办法登录winqual的网站,以前有一个用户名和密码登录的界面.现在不知道怎么去登录. RRS feed

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  • 我现在怎么没有办法登录winqual的网站,以前有一个用户名和密码登录的界面.现在不知道怎么去登录.
    2011年2月14日 2:20



  • 先用Windows Livie ID来登录。

    选择 Register New User,然后选择Link to a old account.

    2011年2月14日 3:51
  • The Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual) website will be down for maintenance from approximately 8:00 AM PST February 10 to 8:00 AM PST February 11. After the site reopens on February 11, users must link their existing Winqual account to a Windows Live ID. This change in authentication method improves your experience when browsing between different Microsoft portals that use Windows Live ID credentials for sign in. Use the following best practices to ensure a consistent experience across MSDN, Connect, and Winqual:

    • When possible, use your work email address for the Windows Live ID you use to sign in to Winqual. This will streamline the user information when you set up your Winqual account.
    • If you use a Windows Live ID with the Microsoft Connect or MSDN sites, use the same ID for Winqual. This will allow you to move seamlessly among these sites, without the need to sign in again.
    • If you already have a Winqual account (Winqual username/password), use the migration link to change your Winqual account to Windows Live ID authentication. This will ensure that the permissions and settings you have through your Winqual account will persist after the migration.

    Note: A single Winqual account can have only one Windows Live ID.

    You can sign up for a Windows Live ID by going to or by clicking the Sign In link on the Winqual site after the February release.

    Winqual recommends that all users have their own unique Windows Live ID and Winqual account.
    2011年2月14日 8:28
  • 我登陆了我的winqual账户,怎么下载 submission tool ?

    2011年8月3日 13:43