The status of VM created from custom image is not correct on portal. RRS feed

  • 问题

  • I created a custom image, OS is Linux (actually based on openwrt). I can launch a new VM instance from the custom image. 

    But the status of VM on portal keeps "Creating" for long time about 20-50 minutes, even the VM instance is actually running.

    I want to stop the VM and add second NIC interface, but the status is still "Creating" so I can't stop it. 

    Noted the logs of VM, WriteVirtualMechine started at 60 minutes ago and done at 8 minutes ago, it elapsed 52 minutes.


    我创建一个自定义镜像,系统是基于openwrt的Linux。 VM实例能够被正常创建并启动。但是web portal上的status状态一直处于“正在创建”, 可以持续20-50分钟。如果此时我想停止vm并为其增加一个网卡实例,也需要等待很长时间。不清楚如何解决这个问题,谢谢你们的帮助。

    观察VM的日志,WriteVirtualMechines 在60分钟前启动,在8分钟前结束,持续了52分钟。


    2020年7月16日 1:58